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Binance stated today that it is putting an end to its stock token product. This comes a day after Italian regulators joined a string of financial watchdogs to crack down on the platform. Binance stated on its website, “Effective immediately, stock tokens are unavailable for purchase on , and will no longer support any stock tokens after 2021-10-14 19:55 (UTC).” The exchange also added that it would shift its commercial focus to other product offerings. Why Binance took the decision The stock token offering was introduced by the cryptocurrency exchange in April. It allowed customers to buy fractions of shares in companies. The platform started with Tesla stock and then Coinbase, MicroStrategy, Microsoft and Apple were added shortly after. It has been facing a lot of regulatory issues of late. The exchanges latest battle with financial watchdogs comes from Italy. Italy’s market regulator stated yesterday that it was not authorized to provide investment services and acti

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   It is a pity how slow things could be even though I try so hard to quicken it, time passes as the people I should be helping are dying, most of which unluckily fall victims of ritual and unforseen situation's. I do not know how many of them who have the opportunity to read this article that I should be HELPING or who do not have this opportunity, to these people I cannot say much but ''I'll find you no matter where you are, and when I find you I will hold you in the hand and pull you out of that thick situation. But I must tell you ; you have a role to play for me before I can find you '' YOU MUST COME OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE'' begin on self discovery and try and find your purpose, take a step and this will lead me to you.    When I come , I will come in the name of EAYGUIDE INT'L ,an organization which I founded to enable me serve you on her platform, with this I will be enable to take GOOD CARE OF YOU, The NEEDY '' old and young,man and