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Eayguide will locate you

   It is a pity how slow things could be even though I try so hard to quicken it, time passes as the people I should be helping are dying, most of which unluckily fall victims of ritual and unforseen situation's. I do not know how many of them who have the opportunity to read this article that I should be HELPING or who do not have this opportunity, to these people I cannot say much but ''I'll find you no matter where you are, and when I find you I will hold you in the hand and pull you out of that thick situation. But I must tell you ; you have a role to play for me before I can find you '' YOU MUST COME OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE'' begin on self discovery and try and find your purpose, take a step and this will lead me to you.    When I come , I will come in the name of EAYGUIDE INT'L ,an organization which I founded to enable me serve you on her platform, with this I will be enable to take GOOD CARE OF YOU, The NEEDY '' old and young,man and