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Lessons to learn from the fall of Bitcoin price – The future of investing

Recently there has been a decline in the price of bitcoin and Altcoins. The price of bitcoin dropped from $63K to around $30k. This dip has left a lot of people confused about the fate of cryptocurrency. Before the bear run, people were rushing into the crypto market and lots of newbies were interested in learning how to buy bitcoin. But the narrative has changed. People have said lots of things about cryptocurrencies on social media. Some said it looks like it is over for bitcoin, while others are predicting the price of bitcoin to fall to $10,000. With all these being said, is this the end for bitcoin and every other cryptocurrency? Is there room for cryptocurrency in the future? What lessons have we learned from the decline in price? Bitcoin is unregulated and the price is controlled by the forces of demand and supply. Whenever the price goes up, it means the demand for it is increased thereby causing an increase in the price. People can’t keep buying without selling, they will want