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How to Start Expertnaire Affiliate Marketing

What is Expertnaire? Expertnaire is an affiliate marketing company where digital products (such as books, tutorials, courses etc.) are been listed for affiliates/members to select and promote in order to earn a commission. What this means is that on Expertnaire, there are creators (also known as course vendors) – these are people who own digital products & are looking for sales. Then we have affiliates or Expertnaire members who are willing to help the vendors get sales and they (the affiliates) get a commission per sale. Expertnaira is in affiliate marketing which is similar to Clickbank or Jvzoo where affiliates may sign up, promote digital products, and earn commissions for recommending the RIGHT things to the RIGHT people. As an Expertnaire affiliate, all you have to do is discover people who are likely to be interested in a product (Problems) and promote it to them via your affiliate link. For example, if someone who isn’t lazy wants to earn money online, all you have to do is