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Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” — Jim Rohn


1) Mind Games Of A Broken Heart. By Elizabeth Omoworae.  

Cost #8,000 Naira only. 

With this powerful book, you will learn how to pull yourself together and take control of your life once again with these time-tested strategies.

So far, there has been raving reviews about it already, and you can't afford to miss out on this great opportunity. 

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Cost #49,000 naira only.

If you’re interested in earning a comfortable living as a well-paid writer working with Ecommerce brands and publishers who routinely pay anywhere between $1,000 to $5,000+ Per project (or per month) so you're making just enough money every month, to live comfortably and take better care of your loved ones

This book will help you achieve this. 

2) How To Attract Investors _ A guide for Start-ups. 

Cost #15,000 Naira only.

Do you know that most businesses fail within the first 4 years of starting due to lack of funds?

Do you also know that there are investors looking for investment opportunities and businesses to give money to?

The question is, do you know how to access these people and the funds available?

If You Are A Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Start-up Founder, Producer, Supplier, Importer Or Innovator With Good Viable Business Ideas, But Lack Funds To Grow Your Business, I Have Good News For You

The good news is this material is what you need right now.

   Cost #60,000 Naira only ( price may go up soon).

Testimony from Ada.  
Follow the link to see more testimonies

This course is highly sort fir in Nigeria as I'm writing you with lots of testimony from people who bought and implemented the steps the learned. 

Complete Newbies Are Using This NEW Smartphone Income Technique To Legally Make As Much As N750k A Month - No Capital Needed.


1) Mafia Offers- by Ronard Nzimora

Cost #8,500 Naira only. 

How To Make People Fight, Scratch, and Beg to Buy Whatever You Have For Sale, At Any Price.
Inside This Letter is an Eternal Sales Secret that Can Get People Lining Up to Literally BEG You to Collect Their Money In Exchange For Your Products or Services.

2) Portfolio Fix -By Maria Ebenezer

     Cost #12,500 Naira only.

Package includes videos and other learning materials. 

Learn how to create a winning Company Portfolio and Profile for any kind of business you own and start using it to land new clients from today.

With Portfolio Fix, you do not only save money on hiring content writers and graphic designers, you also get the resources that gives you a lifetime skill needed for your business. Take advantage of today's price.


1) The High-Score IELTS Program - by Ademiluyi David

Cost 15,000 Naira only

Created by Ademiluyi David, the High-Score IELTS Program is a relocation and travel guide created to help people prepare for the IELTS exam and get a high score even if it is their first time of taking the exam.
The high-score formula works effectively because of 2 reasons

(1) It is a straightforward and easy formula that doesn't require a lot of time for you to prepare for the exam (HINT: Many people fail the IELTS exam due to all the stressful and time consuming methods around)

(2) It helps you to focus on the main areas that get you high results in each section of the IELTS exam (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)

This high-score system also makes it easy to answer any question you are asked regardless of whether you know the answer or not.

With this formula, you don't have to spend hours upon hours at study centers like a lot of people do to prepare for their exam.

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