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This Nigerian Fintech Startup ‘Trove’ Wants to Help You Invest in Your Desired Company


Investing in stocks has proven to be one of the most profitable ways to build wealth. Some of the wealthiest people in the world own large quantities of stocks in both the private and public sector. And with many Nigerian companies – MTNAirtelJumiaInterswitch – becoming listed or planning to list on the stock exchange (international and local), the opportunities are more and lucrative.

But as attractive as it looks, there’s a problem. Most of these investment opportunities are for elite citizens and the average person may find it impossible to partake, thanks to the heavy charges.

Asides exclusivity, the hectic process of getting it done is discouraging – from the walk-ins to the disconcerting paperwork. Lack of knowledge about how it’s done pushes Nigerians to seek help from stockbrokers. A service for which they end up paying huge charges.

Here comes Trove, a Nigerian fintech startup that wants to help with this.

Signing up on Trove 

With as low as ₦1,000, Trove allows potential investors buy stocks and bonds using their debit cards or bank transfer. All they need to do it download the app (which is available on Google Playstore and Apple Store), sign up using your correct details, upload necessary documents, fund your Trove wallets and begin trading.

Thinking about buying into bigger markets like the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and London Stock Exchange (LSE) where access is limited for Nigerians? Trove allows its users to invest in international markets, US exchange-traded funds and stocks of US companies. You can own a piece in major companies abroad and participate in the global economy.

Do you want free Shares ?

You have free stocks waiting

You now have the opportunity to get free Shares when you Join Trove  you will get 5 shares of either Dangote Sugar or GT Bank FOR FREE.

Only when you sigh up nerd and how and verify your account.   Sign up now for your free shares

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