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Bull and Bear Market

The Bull and bear market. Bull market Bull market and bear market are used when describing the trends of securities. The term "bull market" is most often used to refer to the stock market but can be applied to anything that is traded, such as bonds, real estate, currencies and commodities and other types of investments. Investors can also take a bullish or bearish stance, depending upon their outlook that is when you believe the price will rise or the price will fall and vice versa. A bull market begins when investors feel that prices will start, then continue, to rise; they then begin buying stocks in the hope that they are right. This belief and the actions that follow cause stock prices to rise again. Because prices of securities rise and fall essentially continuously during trading, the term "bull market" is typically reserved for extended periods in which a large portion of security prices are rising. Bull markets tend to last for months or even years. The bull

This product niche will skyrocket your business.

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Rules to profit in the Stock market

What is stock market?  The stock market is a set of exchanges and markets who trade and issue bonds, equities and various other securities. An investor should be interested in the possibilities of profiting from the swings in the market either by way of timing or by way of pricing.  Do not allow your emotions control your investing.  The better a companys record and prospects,  the less relationship the price of its shares will have to their book value. But the greater the premium above book value the less certain the basis of determining its intrinsic value.  A stock does not become a sound investment nearly because it can be bought at close to its asset value. The investor should demand in addition a satisfactory ratio of earnings to price, a sufficiently strong financial position and the prospect that its earnings will at least be maintained over the years. Never buy a stock immediately after a substantial rise or sell one immediately after a substantial drop in price.  An investor

Why you should do this online business.

Making a smart move is always the best decision.  Even if you dont have a product to sell , you can make millions of dollars Dropshipping other people products. In this time of financial uncertainties , we have seen many businesses fold and or struggle to make ends meet. This is due to the unpleasant impact of COVID-19 that started from the city of wuhan, china in 2019 and have spread to more than 23 countries worldwide,  yet, even in this times, new billionaire have emerged from online base businesses and analysts have predicted this will continue for a very long time.  No doubt,  buying and selling goods online have become popular and in some western countries is seeing rapid adoption and popularity. In africa this the popularity is growing rapidly too. In this new era of Dropshipping you dont have to own a product before you start making lots of money form the internet. All you need is a laptop or a phone, an internet connection and an e-commerce store, with a little investment in a