Growth requires investment and
 Investment is gratification deferred.
Africa nations are dying and is in need of urgent care and reform. What have we been doing with what is expected of us with the opportunity that have been given to us?

I am surprise that even after many years of independence of our various African nations, we are still yet to move on, we haven’t yet come to the realization of the challenges we face and the proper ways to tackle these challenges. Like an epidemic it has eaten us to our bones and have left us confuse with nowhere to turn to, rather than stretching our receiving hands, begging like we have no hope and a future. We Africans are the cause of our problems and yet, we are the only people to turn this table of shame and disrespect around and to bring massive development and prosperity to Africa.

For almost a century, African nations have collectively received billions of dollars as international grants and other privileged support but have made little progress in terms of structural and economic development, poverty reduction and other necessities. This i find embarrassing and disturbing but will blame poor financial management and implementation ,poor planning procedures, weak negotiation skills, weak and non-visionary leadership and above all corruption as the cause of the slowdown.

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Our parliament are not making it easy for the younger Africa generation to participate in nation building politically , aside delay in implementation of budget, increment of their financial allocations, and pursuit of personal gain and selfish interest. How many bills have been passed or laws that have been approved to see youths fully participate in politics? Suggesting a twenty 20 year old be eligible to run for office in is not out of contest, trust me, millions of African youths will agree with me.  A lot of the young elites have complained as they say “we are tired of our ancestors ruling us”, it is on this note I suggest age restriction for people running for president. Sixty five years won't be bad at all.

Africa is blessed with the best climate that supports the growth of several capital fetching crops. We are also blessed with lots of natural resources, be it gold, silver, marble, oil, rubber. What about our abundance of food name them, yet we have ignored there true values and have failed to see how these natural gifts can change our nations and continent. Our oil, we send to foreign countries unprocessed for refining and we then spend billions in repurchase, import and distribution back in our countries, this is costly compared to when we process it ourselves and export our finished product. There will be more revenue to channel into infrastructural development such as investing in agriculture, real estate, tourism, stock exchange and private institutions. Other natural resources such as our Gold, Marble and Silver, in some of our countries foreign companies are the major extractors and i ask the question, what have we really gained by all these, and for how long do we continue this way?

In most of our countries we still print our currencies aboard, we spending billions of dollars to get a quarter in terms of worth of our national currencies, how then do we expect to lead. What is really stopping us from doing the aforementioned by ourselves?

The world is rapidly changing and in this twenty-first century have witnessed lots of development and innovations in foreign countries of which we welcome while in Africa, the development in technology and science is tantamount to only one percent of what we see in developed worlds. We have chosen to specialize in the installation and repairs of this innovations and have failed to innovate the new big things for ourselves while in Africa. Yet there are nothing Africans cannot do when the right models are in place. In this regard actually, it is not fully the fault of the government, the Africa youths may have contributed to this. But this shameful table too can be turned around for good when we individually search ourselves and begin to use our talents to build the new world we desire. This is because we are Africans and there is nothing we cannot achieve.

What measures have we taken in terms of tourism in our countries? Are there magnificent structures, scriptures, parks, visual reality centres, art studios, magnificent cities, well managed lakes and beach. In terms of tourism in Africa, Rwanda is on the lead.

For Africa to develop rapidly, aside the management of national funds, good negotiation skills, capital development and reduction the in corruption, the cost of doing business in every African country must be reduced and this includes building and construction, hospitality and agriculture. African nations must also begin now to save for raining days. The Ebola and Corona (COVID-19) outbreak have shown clearly we do not plan for tough times, private businesses and individuals must follow the saving principle too because no one can accurately predict the future. This is just one of the numerous challenges a country can face. Now it is clear to everyone how important Hospitals and laboratories are in nations so therefore the government should take very seriously these institutions and invest in them, we must also develop and invest in research institutions for early detection and management of possible infections, including the early development of vaccines. Conflict and misunderstanding are other issues that can suddenly cripple a nation’s economy and therefore we must equip ourselves too by investing in our military including military research should be taken seriously.

Above all, African countries must learn to corporate and grow together. We must love ourselves and not fight for we have a common enemy which is the poverty mentality. This is not a matter of ethnicity or religion but a matter of the free world we are going to build together.
To the Africa youths, I urge that you begin now to contribute to the new vision of a more develop and prosperous Africa by refusing to die unfulfilled. Dig deep into your inner self and locate your destiny. That very one thing that fascinates you, that thing that makes you want to see come true. It is your purpose. Begin now and wait for no one. Never be shy to take baby steps, for what you do now is only a tip of the iceberg for I know the day of magnificent glory is just soon.

Nothing is impossible for an African, and no mountain is too high to climb!

I therefore call on all Africa leaders, at all levels of governance to WAKE UP and know that this is the time to start working and start planning to make our continent the future of the world. To achieve this, we must unit as one body to fight the common enemy which is "poverty of the mind”.

From this day henceforth, tomorrow must be better than today.

Africa Arise. Thank you!