This App Will Help You Save Money

I used Piggyvest, a degital finance app, to save daily and monthly. I have been saving for different goals such as to investment in the nigeria stock market .

Piggyvest helped me save for investments, save for the future, and map out my savings strategy and discipline myself by using the safelock option.

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As a strong believer of savings and investments I have encouraged alot of successful young men and women globally to take this path which have worked for them.

I let them know before you can successfully save you must write down your financial goals and set a reasonable amount of money aside for your future. People who write down their financial goals are 40% more likely to achieve them, according to research. Some people like making games out of their financial goals, while some like keeping a coloring sheet on the wall that tracks their progress.

What I love about piggyvest

I used piggyvest daily to save and inves which helped me  reach $5,000,000 in savings , a goal I achieved earlier last year. It kept me on track and motivated to make my goal a reality because my progress was visual.

The piggyvest dashboard is simple to understand and navigate and every transaction is clearly documented, it will help you understand how much money you're bringing in and how much is going out right at your fingertips. After all, you can't start making financial decisions until you understand your cash flow.

Piggyvest support is also very responsive and will attend to your every financial questions or if you want some extra help making plans for your future.

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A few notable features about Piggyvest that I love and relied on as I saved towards my goal:

PiggyVest products

On the App, You can select any amount of money you want to save; the money will be debited from your account and kept in a safe account until you are ready to use the money.

You will set the days of withdrawal in a year. Withdrawal on any other day apart from the days you chose will attract a 5% charge. This is to help you maintain the saving culture.


AutoSave automatically debit a fixed amount of money (as set by the user) from a user’s debit card. Auto-debits period can be customized to be daily, weekly, or monthly.

This feature can help you save periodically like daily, weekly or monthly. Imagine saving #200 daily, by month end you have #6,000 sitting somewhere waiting for you plus interest. If you continue like that, by end of year, you will have about #72000. What a nice way to end the year.

Thus you select how much you want to save and select the frequency whether daily or weekly. If you don’t have money on a particular day, no worries. It will just skip that day.


SafeLock is actually what makes piggyVest the best digital saving platform in Nigeria. Sometimes you want to save money for a particular purpose like buying a new phone, house or car but after sometime when hunger strikes, you discover you have eaten like half of the money.

SafeLock enables you to lock away some part of your savings till a particular day so that you won’t have access to the money or be tempted to touch the money till that day and you will be paid up to 12% as interest. I use it all the time.

Target Savings

Target savings Also called Savings Challenge. Unlike Safelock where you just save for a particular purpose by yourself, target saving helps you and others save for a common interest. Each of you from the PiggyVest app can be saving collectively into a central place until you reach your target and you will be paid plus the accrued interest.


The Flex Account is where all interests from your saving plans and targets are paid by piggyvest. Earnings from this account can be withdrawn anytime and likewise, transferred to other saving plans. Upon registration with piggyvest vest you will be given a free account number where you can easily pay into your piggyflex account.

How to register

  1. Visit Piggyvest Website .
  2. Click on Create A Free Account
  3. Fill in your details
  4. Click on submit.

After you have registered log out and try login again.

You can Now Download puggyvest Mobile App from play store or app store.

Congratulations ,Now you are ready to start saving.

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