How to make money with Rubies.

Rubies Bank was launched as Nigeria’s fully digital banking platform to help to accelerate the process of financial inclusion. 

Rubies Bank was launched as Nigeria’s fully digital banking platform to help to accelerate the process of financial inclusion. A digital bank is not the mobile app of a bank. Rather, it is a boutique bank that provides financial services through digital channels. Digital bank customers can access an array of banking services, including cash deposit, withdrawal, transfer, payment of bills, loans and investment management. All these services are provided through digital channels such as mobile and web app, USSD codes, POS terminals and ATMs.  

Rubies Bank has a unique feature that allows anyone to become an “independent banker”. 

As an independent banker, customers earn money whenever anyone they introduce to join the platform performs a transaction. Inter-bank transfers, which traditional banks charge N52 for, cost only N21 on the Rubies Bank’s platform. 

This is in addition to other services such as customisable account number, proximity transfer, free customisable debit cards and money request. On Rubies, customers can chat with one another and provide or obtain loans in the digital bank’s money market based on the credit score of the customers on the platform.

A fully digital platform, Rubies Bank offers zero-fee banking services targeted at millennials, the upwardly-mobile professionals and small and medium-scale enterprises. Its open banking architecture enables smooth integration with other fintech companies and financial institutions. Rubies also provides bank-as-a-service. This enables the use of its technology infrastructure by other financial institutions. 

How Rubies allows customers earn money

Simple steps to make money on rubies 

With the aim of empowering people, Rubies brings to the market a unique feature, which allows anyone, become an Independent banker. What does it mean to be an independent banker you might ask?

If you are willing to run your own mini bank, Rubies serves as the platform for you to do that freely. You simply on-board your own “banking customers” using your unique link and every time your customer does a transaction, you earn money. Rubies wants everyone to take a piece of the pie.
The possibilities are endless.

What makes Rubies different from other banks?

Starting with the most sensitive topic these past couple of months, which is bank charges. Typically, traditional banks incur a lot of avoidable expenses such as monstrous Technology cost, huge marketing cost, branch operations cost, big bankers’ salaries and so on. Rubies is entirely powered by Technology, home-grown software, Artificial Intelligence and analytics.

The cost is driven down to near zero. This makes it possible to waive charges and avoid all the “hidden” charges that traditional banks levy their customers. For interbank transactions, Rubies charges N21 (instead of N52 that traditional banks charge), this being the cost of the transaction payable to the switches, while Rubies earns nothing.

The technology invested in building Rubies is unparalleled, with the fast pace world of ever-growing technology, the use of artificial intelligence, data analytics and recommender systems aid to personalize each individual’s banking experience. In addition, for scalability, cloud computing allows scale, seamless customer growth as well as ensuring top-notch security.

Rubies has taken the disruptive and unorthodox approach to marketing using advocacy based techniques such as Independent Banker, freelance Brand Ambassadors and direct data-driven marketing.

Rubies is a Banking app on steroids. It provides banking functions much like any other banking solutions but it offers much more than most banking app. Here are some of the things that make it so much better:

Social Appeal – you interact with other users on Rubies and get alerted when your buddies join Rubies, Proximity feature allows you to see people around you. The look and feel is sleek, neat and appealing.

Money Market – this is where you make money either by investing or providing money to those who need it on loan. Rubies Credit score is growing in popularity as a standard.

Open Banking – API-based architecture of Rubies will give it the scale it yearns. Open banking architecture allows smooth integration with FINTECH companies, SMEs and other quasi-financial institutions while Rubies serves a layer-2 Clearing function.

Bank-as-a-service – Rubies Technology is available for use by any other financial institutions playing in Banking, Finance, Technology and FINTECH industries, thus offering banking as an independent banker.