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A Call For A Change

In links everything on earth exist, we are all born to contribute to humanity, this is the believe i stand firmly upon, for to succeed you must strive to serve humanity, providing a need for who ever is in need . By so doing we become a blessing to others as-well attract blessings to ourselves,from which the blessings that comes from service is born. I am Okwuonu Obinna Godfrey and i am on a business of eradicating poverty and raising life Champions by all legitimate means, this is where my passion rest; By struggle i have gained knowledge, by experience i have gotten wisdom, by faith i have headed to establishing a Foundation focused at promoting life's; Yet because we are all connected, i Invite the world to join me in this movement of change, in this movement of promoting and securing life's, in this movement of giving hope to the hopeless. With this i therefore call all who share the same dream "Come Lets become one" I call on all who are bless with the resource t


The reason for life is to learn how to love, for it is only the one who loves that is inspired to do greater and better things.                Godfrey Okwuonu.

Eayguide will locate you

   It is a pity how slow things could be even though I try so hard to quicken it, time passes as the people I should be helping are dying, most of which unluckily fall victims of ritual and unforseen situation's. I do not know how many of them who have the opportunity to read this article that I should be HELPING or who do not have this opportunity, to these people I cannot say much but ''I'll find you no matter where you are, and when I find you I will hold you in the hand and pull you out of that thick situation. But I must tell you ; you have a role to play for me before I can find you '' YOU MUST COME OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE'' begin on self discovery and try and find your purpose, take a step and this will lead me to you.    When I come , I will come in the name of EAYGUIDE INT'L ,an organization which I founded to enable me serve you on her platform, with this I will be enable to take GOOD CARE OF YOU, The NEEDY '' old and young,man and